Mozilla Firefox’s New 88 Update to Disable FTP Support

Mozilla Firefox’s New 88 Update to Disable FTP Support

A new Firefox88 update has disabled File Transfer Protocol (FTP) support from the browser completely. The update also fixed a bug in its Android browsers that blocked the playback of videos in fullscreen mode. Along with this, Firefox has also included some additional support for developers which includes support for CSS classes and JavaScript improvements. It was earlier that Firefox had ended the support for Adobe Flash Player plugin entirely and claimed to protect users from supercookies which was done to improve the performance and stability of the browser.

In a recent report by Mozilla it was mentioned that it fixed a bug with the Android version of Firefox that prevented some videos to playback correctly on websites that used a desktop viewport. Firefox has removed the support for FTP which is being considered as a major change in the new update. It is an obsolete method of transferring data between computers on a network. Mozilla will completely remove FTP support from Firefox 90 and Users will need a dedicated FTP browser to access remote servers in the future.

Firefox has also changed the position of Take a screenshot from Page Actions menu in the address bar to a regular icon that can be added to the toolbar from the Customize menu. Mozilla is improving its PDF view capability by supporting JavaScript embedded PDF files now. Also, if the users use Linux under Wayland, Firefox will support smoother pinch-zooming using the computer’s trackpad.

Recently, Firefox announced that it is completely ending support for Adobe Flash. The move was decided long ago in 2017 and was implemented with Firefox 85. Firefox is also said to be working hard on cracking down supercookies, trackers that can stay hidden in the browser and continue tracking even after the user has cleared the cookies. Though Firefox 85 for Android now allows easier installation of supported extensions.

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