Australia supports a global push to waive intellectual property protections for Covid-19 vaccines.

Australia will support a global push to waive intellectual property protections for Covid-19 vaccines to allow for cheaper generic versions to be manufactured in developing nations, says the Trade Minister of Australia Dan Tehan.

India and South Africa have spearheaded the campaign to change World Trade Organization (WTO) policies so that you can make it less complicated for low and middle-profits countries to fabricate and promote less expensive widely wide-spread copies of COVID-19 vaccines produced via way of means of multinational pharmaceutical giants including Pfizer.

For months, Australia’s reluctance to again the waiver had generated grievance from human rights and resource groups, and had even brought about protests outdoor Australia’s consulate in San Francisco.

On 8th September 2021, Tehan noted a shift in US policy in May because the reason in the back of Australia’s assist. Russia and China had additionally supported the waiver in current months.

An organization of 15 NGOs and church buildings in the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network (Aftinet) met Tehan on 7th September 2021, and launched a declaration on 8th September 2021 disclosing that the minister had told them Australia could assist a Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (trips) waiver for Covid19 vaccines.

Saying “extraordinary measures” were needed to ramp up global production of vaccines to fight the spread of the virus, the United States also threw its weight behind the proposal, earlier in this year. Australia’s position has always been slightly more enigmatic.

On 8th September 2021 Tehan was asked about the development then Tehan said “we have always said we would support a Trips waiver when it came to Covid-19. When the US came out and said this, the prime minister welcomed that news,”  “We continue to work constructively in Geneva to do everything we can to expand the production of vaccines globally because we need everyone across the globe to get access to a vaccine, ultimately, to be able to be safe. We’ve already expressed that support and we’ve been working with countries to get a resolution to this issue,” Tehan added.


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