Renomania, an architect and interior design platform, has been acquired by Flipspaces.

Flipspaces, an interior design startup, has acquired Renomania, a platform that allows end-users to discover and engage with architects, interior designers, and brands.

Flipspaces stated on Thursday that the acquisition involves a 100 percent sale of the platform’s assets, database, and all technology-related intellectual property (IP).

Renomania, founded by Navneet and Ritu Malhotra, has created a web-based platform for end customers to communicate and engage with architects, interior designers, and contractors who are present on the platform with their complete portfolios containing their substantial body of work.

“The technology from Renomania gives a push to further evolve Flipspaces design tech stack to provide a platform characteristic to our design and build vertical where we can partner with interior designers and architects to create a global consumer-facing interior design and product supply platform,” said Kunal Sharma, Founder, and CEO of Flipspaces.

Flipspaces is a multibillion-dollar interior design and constructing company founded in 2015 by Kunal Sharma, Ankur Muchhal, Vikash Anand, Mrinal Sharma, Prafful Sahu, and Ritesh Ranjan.

According to the company, the acquisition would help it grow and expand its design and delivery technology platform to a wider architect and interior design network.

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