Google Celebrates Equinox Spring 2021 with Hedgehog and Flowers

Google Celebrates Equinox Spring 2021 with Hedgehog and Flowers

With every new occasion or some significant events google brings creative ways of celebrating it, with changing its logo by doodles which captures people’s attention totally towards it and which leaves them admiring it for quite a time. Like, to celebrate the New Year’s Eve of 2021, it pictured an animated cuckoo clock which ticked away the time until it struck 12 at midnight to end 2020. On searching about the significance of the doodle, it was described as so “It’s been a cuckoo year, but 2020’s clock is still ticking. The countdown for a new beginning has begun and when the clock strikes 12 a new year will spread And, so this time is welcoming spring season of the year with colourful doodle of animated hedgehog and fresh flowers on the contrary. This time the spring season of Northern Hemisphere is starting from March 20 and is ending on June 21.

Google, on Saturday welcomed the first day of the spring season 2021, also known as Spring Equinox with animated doodles on its logo of a Hedgehog and fresh flowers depicting the flourishing season. A click on the doodle leads to different web pages with the term Spring Season.

Spring marks the beginning of summers and the end of winters. Spring means love and Joy. As spring is supposed to bring love, youth, hope and growth, which is when plants and tress rebirth, its when Earth’s flora and Fauna bloom and flourish and is known as the time of rebirth and rejuvenation. It’s said to be the time when the snow in mountains and higher regions starts melting and the temperature starts rising. Meteorologists says that its during this time that Earth’s axis increases its tilt relative to the sun which results in a rise of the length of the daylight on the planet and the temperature becomes moderate during this season. It is when the days and nights are said to be of equal length and the planet is exposed to a longer length of daylight.

Equinox which is said to appear one of the two times in the year i.e. around 20 March and 22 September is the time when the sun is said to be above the equator and day and nights happens to be of equal length, spring equinox is one amongst the two when the same phenomenon happens from March 20 to June 21.

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