Odisha’s ‘Kandhamal Haladi’ (turmeric) has won National Intellectual Property Award under GI Category

Odisha’s “Kandhamal Haladi” (turmeric), which received the most votes in the agriculture category, won the National Intellectual Property Award for 2021–2022.
The most popular geographical indication in the category of Agriculture was Kandhamal Haladi (turmeric).
It’s a great time for Odisha and the Odia people, according to GI Researcher Dr. Anita Sabat. We must advertise our additional agricultural products.
After a nationwide vote on the winning products, the National Intellectual Property Award was established for the first time. The National Intellectual Property Award was given to the products that received the most votes across all categories, according to Dr. Sabat.
There were five categories for the GI-winning properties, and 17 GI producers from Odisha participated in the voting.
Piyush Goyal, the Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, gave the prizes on Saturday in New Delhi. But there was no one from Odisha there to accept the honour.

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