The present invention relates to a dynamo-electric device for amplification of electrical power generated, wherein the device converts a minimal mechanical input into a substantial output voltage. The device comprises of a first housing portion 1 that includes plurality of linking means 10; a ring magnet 2 housed in the first housing portion, wherein the ring magnet rotates around a first axle 5; plurality of second housing portions 4, wherein the second housing portion 4 is coupled to the first housing portion 1 by the linking means 10; plurality of cylindrical magnets 3 coupled to the second housing portion 4, wherein rotation of the ring magnet 2 rotates a cylindrical magnet 3 around a second axle 6 inside the second housing portion 4; plurality of coils 7 in communication with the cylindrical magnets 3 and the first housing portion 1, wherein the coils are interconnected in series for amplification of voltage generated by the device.