Inculcating Reading Habits with Self-Help Library in Arunachal Pradesh

Inculcating Reading Habits with Self-Help Library in Arunachal Pradesh

30-year-old Ngurang Meena has set up a free ‘self-help’ library in Arunachal Pradesh. Ngurang Meena hails from Arunachal Pradesh’s Nirjuli town in Papum Pare district, came up with an idea of the state’s first roadside library. The library idea came to fruition after she saw that the state has a wine shop every 100 metre but has no library in sight.

Most children in the state fail to develop reading habit but this free self-help library will help engage youth in reading. This will also keep them away from visiting wine shop and rather inculcate the habit of reading.

Meena, who comes from Arunachal’s Nirjuli in Papum Pare district has set up a street corner library on August 30 solely by her own efforts. “I bought books of all kinds worth Rs 10,000 to make the wooden ‘Self-Help Library’. There I’ve kept 70-80 books and rest of the books are in my room. I have been asking kids to visit the library by offering chocolates to them,” said Meena.

Hinting at the regressive development model that is being followed in state Meena pointed out that there are more wine shops and bars than libraries and bookstores in the state. She said that she started the initiative so that people can be encouraged to take up similar activities in other areas of the state.

Meena shared that the idea to set up a street corner library came after she saw a little box-like structure with books in it somewhere in Mizoram. Now this is something that every city must copy! Mizoram’s capital Aizawl has a couple of these tiny roadside libraries, where students a take a book from and also leave a book to share it with others.

“Although my inspiration is Mizoram, I realise that Arunachal Pradesh is very different. Kids here have poor writing and reading skills. I want students of class IX-XII to improve their skills by reading more,” Meena added.

Meena’s street library doesn’t have a glass door to protect it from theft. Anyone can visit the library and read books free of cost. As of now, the library has received books from two donors as well.

According to us this is a wonderful initiative by Meena, who’s trying to inculcate reading habits in children which would also help them to improve their verbal and non-verbal skills. You can also do your bit by donating a book, and encouraging your kids to read novels. It is never too late to start reading or sharing a book. The more your kid enjoys reading, the more they will read. Not only the reading habits will help children academically, it is also a skill which is required for lifelong success.

Reading develops vocabulary, increases attention span and also promotes stronger analytical thinking. You can practice reading by reading menus, movie titles, road signs, game instructions and many more-reading is everywhere.

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