A Company Launches ‘Touchless’ Hygienic System Touchscreen amid COVID-19.

A Company Launches 'Touchless' Hygienic System Touchscreen amid COVID-19.

According to Leap Motion developer’s press release, an organization has introduced a new application that can seamlessly update existing touchscreens & stands for customer interfaces in mid-air without pressing the screen.

In conjunction with the hands tracking software, Ultraleap’s latest app uses the camera module to include touchless gesture control, which offers a hygienic alternative amid COVID-19 crisis.

Touchfree tries to emulate touch screens through a hand recognition in the middle of the air — digitally communicating with a display controller to provide users with comfortable interactive experiences. To work transparently with the already-functioning interfaces, TouchScreen (the touchless product) has no modifications to interfaces or designs that are being used.

PR Newswire notes that the retrofit process is minimal, with consumer experiences clear and easy to use.

The use of community kiosks & touchscreens is critical in terms of reducing transaction time, the user volumes in stations, hospitals, airlines, vendors and exhibitions. Latest research at Ultraleap shows that 80 percent of individuals now view community touch screens as unhygienic, compelling places to accommodate times although the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

“Conventional touchscreens have done well over the course of time because of its accessibility, but users want to connect with it in ways they feel comfortable and safe,” said Steve Cliffe, CEO of Ultraleap. “Our latest research has shown that only 50 percent of customers are expected to be using touchscreen again. Our TouchFree seems to be the great device to upgrade existing touchscreen kiosks to enable consumers to return, optimise user engagement and guarantee customers feel safe.”

The COVID-19 epidemic has led many companies to reconsider hygiene technology. Mixed- and improved-reality is that front-line doctors support patients with no social distance by using headsets from Microsoft Hololen.

There are currently 12 sets of 5G enabled intelligent robots operating non-stop in the Wuchang field hospital in Wuhan, China with supports robots from March.

While the COVID-19 crisis continues, industries beyond health sector adjust to preventative measures such as social distancing– in this scenario,touchless touchscreens to prioritise is a sense of safety.

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