WhatsApp Rolls Out New Features.

WhatsApp Rolls Out New Features

WhatsApp constantly keeps updating its app in order to provide smooth messaging and call experience to its over 2-billion users across the world. With the release of ‘Always Mute’ feature, users can now mute a chat indefinitely instead of maximum limit of 1 year. The feature was a part of the WhatsApp beta test for months on the Android and iOS apps.

The mute forever feature may not look like a big update but will surely be helpful for the one who do not wish to receive notification from a particular chat.

There few other features too that were rolled out this week:

Always Mute

The ‘Always mute’ option is now available on both iOS and Android versions of the app. This feature is self-explanatory as it essentially replaces the time limit for muting a particular chat or a group. This is a blessing in disguise for all those annoying chats that you never want to indulge in but would feel to rude to block.

New linked device

As per reports, WhatsApp is also working towards introducing and upgrade to the UI for WhatsApp Web/Desktop in the setting section, there used be a QR code scanner, which enabled them to scan QR code on WhatsApp Web to access WhatsApp on a laptop or a tablet. Now, it has updated the UI to display the label “Use WhatsApp on other devices” which is placed on top of the ‘Link a Device’ button. This button will enable users to create new sessions using WhatsApp Web on other devices. However, it will be available in the future.

New Storage UI look

WhatsApp has also updated its storage UI look for Beta users. According to the blog, the roll out began in past beta, but at that time the roll out was slow and not many people received the redesign. With the current beta for Android, several users are now reportedly receiving the feature.

WhatsApp Web calls

Reports are suggesting that WhatsApp is working on a feature that will give users the option to make calls through its web/desktop version, WhatsApp Web. As per a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp Web will get a video call option and a voice call option that will be placed on the opposite end of the contact, which will make users make WhatsApp calls using their web browsers.

WhatsApp Business:

WhatsApp has introduced new features that allow WhatsApp Business users to sell products directly from the platform. The feature will allow purchases to be made directly from a WhatsApp chat with a business. The company will also provide hosting services to small businesses through Facebook’s partners in the country.

While WhatsApp already charges businesses for sending notification messages to customers, the new services allow the platform a new revenue making opportunity. The company said the Facebook hosting solutions will require additional payments and both businesses and customers will be made aware that their data is being shared with Facebook in such cases.

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