WhatsApp to be Conducting Trials on a Feature That Will Let Chat Migration Between Android and iOS

WhatsApp to be Conducting Trials on a Feature That Will Let Chat Migration Between Android and iOS

According to a recent report WhatsApp is doing a trial on a new feature that will let users migrate their chat history between Android and iOS devices, WhatsApp, previously said that third-party apps that claim to help users migrate chat history across the two platforms violate its Terms of Service, the report also mentions that WhatsApp could also introduce a feature which will not require users to keep their phones connected to the Internet while using WhatsApp Web.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, in a future update, a platform that tests WhatsApp features in beta and publishes information about them, a new chat history migration feature might be out, though the time of its release is not yet known. The report contains a screenshot of WhatsApp for iOS depicting a popup which asks to upgrade the app to the latest version in order to move chat history to another device running WhatsApp for Android, the report also mentions that this new feature would let users to move chat history from Android to iOS.

The report stated that when a WhatsApp user tries to link the device having a different operating system, the app needs to be updated to the latest version available on the App Store or TestFlight “in order to avoid any compatibility error with the Android version”. WhatsApp has been working on the chat migration feature which is a part of multi-device functionality from quite a time. However, about a WhatsApp feature in development which would sync chat history across platforms was first time reported last year by WABetaInfo.

WABetaInfo recently shared screenshots that portrayed that users could soon use WhatsApp Web application without connecting their phone to the Internet. The feature was earlier seen in Android and now is reported to be under development for iOS as well.

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