Swiggy Launches a Special Feature ‘Swiggy Genie’ to Help Covid Patients

Swiggy Launches a Special Feature ‘Swiggy Genie’ to Help Covid Patients

Swiggy has launched a devoted care corner in the app to provide special features to the users that are suffering from COVID. This Care Corner is identical to the Swiggy Genie but is more focused on the needs of people affected by COVID. You can send home cooked food, medicines, groceries, etc, to the people who can’t come out of their houses for being COVID positive.

On tapping the Care Corner, will appear options of sending homemade food, care packages, source medicines and groceries through which you can opt for any and help the people in need. Along with it is a special “Care menu” which has in it home cooked food and immunity boosters options. Users can also donate the essential items like sanitizer and oxygen concentrators through a special section available.

Swiggy also made an announcement which said that it will prioritize the deliveries of Genie all over the country due to the spread of the second wave. Through Genie people can carry a range of necessities- from over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, oxy-meters, thermometers to home-cooked meals, care packages, and grocery.

According to the data mentioned by the company, this new feature of Swiggy encountered an increase of 350 percent in the delivery of over-the-counter medicines. There has been an increase in the usage of Swiggy Genie since 15 days as compared to the last month. To send home cooked food and medicines to the Covid affected people, users have used the Genie feature in the past month.

Vivek Sunder, COO at swiggy about this new feature said, “ “We are overwhelmed with messages from consumers expressing how Swiggy Genie has been a lifeline in these tough times. With several cities under lockdown, and family or friends to take care of, Swiggy Genie has delivered necessities like home-cooked meals, OTC medicines, test reports and grocery to the doorsteps of Indians. Considering the criticality of the service, we are now prioritizing Genie deliveries. We urge users to stay indoors, and we will do our best to get them whatever they need while also keeping the safety of our partners top of mind.”

So, users affected by Covid who are unable to come out of their houses can use Swiggy Genie at their best to help themselves get necessary items like oximeter, groceries, home cooked food at their doorstep.

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