Facebook’s recent trademark filings hold clues to the company’s new name

Facebook recently filed for two trademarks with the USPTO, following several others earlier this year.

Facebook is going all in on the “metaverse” and may even change its name to reflect its new focus. But what will that name be? Some hint was provided regarding this by The Company’s recent filings with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Seven new trademark has been filed since February through the lawyers of Facebook, the USPTO database shows. The most recent one includes a new symbol and a new name “stories” both with a detailed description of what they would be applied to. The symbol documenting incorporates all way of possible uses for augmented reality, virtual reality, and social communication. Be that as it may, comprehensively, the trademark says it will be applied to “computer software and development” for AR, VR, and blended reality encounters, including mobile applications, alongside making and creating “computer software which facilitates online services for social networking” and related information uses.

It’s not mentioned that what’s the trademark is? Whether they are a logo or a new name for the whole company as is coming soon, according to The Verge. While speculation of what the new name may be has so far centered on “Meta” and “Horizon,” neither are linked to Facebook filings with the USPTO. A Facebook spokesperson declined to comment.

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