OpTic Dallas logo revealed online via trademark registration

On 26th October 2021 Call of duty got their first look at the potential OpTic Dallas logo, perhaps affirming the reported acquisition of the OpTic brand by the Dallas Empire and its Team Envy proprietors.

The trademark application were documented on October 21st and incorporated the reasonable name of the Dallas Call of Duty League (CDL) establishment close by the logo, finishing the Dallas Empire. In its application, Envy applied to use the logo in livestreaming, esports creation, clothing, mousepads, jewelry, regulators, banners, and etc. The reserved logo is a half and half between the OpTic logo inseparable from Call of Duty and the lone star of Texas to represent the association’s new home.

The logo showed up on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) alongside a name enlistment for “OpTic Dallas.” The logo includes the adapted OpTic “O” with an OpTic green Dallas Cowboys-esque star. The wordmark peruses “OpTic Dallas” in a comparable text style. The two applications have a place with Envy Gaming, Inc., the parent organization of the Dallas Empire and Fuel and proprietors of Team Envy.

The primary teaser for episode 6 of the process was recently posted by the OpTic Twitter account with the basic subtitle of “soon,” suggesting that something of significance will be happening during the episode.

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