WiMi Hologram Submitted the Trademark Application of “WIMI METAVERSE”

WiMi Hologram Submitted the Trademark Application of “WIMI METAVERSE” to Lay Out the Rapidly Developing Metaverse Industry.

On 29th October 2021 WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc. a leading global application solution provider of holographic augmented reality (“AR”) comprehensive technology, announced that “An application for the “WIMI METAVERSE” trademark has been submitted to the Trademark Office. This will help the company to further improve the intellectual property protection system, maintain the leading position in technology, and enhance the company’s core competitiveness.”

Metaverse refers to the virtual world corresponding to real justifythrough the specialized help of AR and VR, which is expected upon to recreate this present reality in world and give new opportunities in the platform ecology, hardware demand, infrastructure, content form, and other aspects, WiMi said.  Anticipating the following 3-5 years, the Metaverse will enter a time of fast turn of events, VR/AR, NFT, AI, Cloud processing, PUGC game stage, digital people digital twin and different fields, will keep on emerge quick improvement opportunities. Presently, the trademark “WIMI METAVERSE” is under application, and the worldwide classification for the most part includes advertising sales, correspondence administrations, scientific instruments, office supplies, education and entertainment, fitness equipment, social law, design and research, etc.

On 21 October 2021 Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Inc. The Chief Executive Officer said, “The Company changed its name to Meta to reflect growth opportunities beyond its namesake social-media platform in online digital realms, a key growth area that he can also attract younger users.”

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